Entrepreneur Accelerator Program:
Venture Rocket Power Audits

(A very cost-effective way to gain valuable outside perspective,
discover hidden opportunities, and to improve your results)


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Venture Rocket Power Audits are an Entrepreneur Accelerator Program that is specifically designed to help you tackle your biggest challenges, use your greatest leverage, and discover your often overlooked and hidden opportunities.

All of my experience of consulting with and advising thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners for over a decade has gone into creating the Power Audits Program. They are a proprietary process I’ve created that was designed with busy entrepreneurs in mind.

Power Audits consist of a very fast, but systematic, 2-3 week review, diagnostic, and reporting process – to deliver that valuable, alternative, outside perspective that often gets lost when you’re immersed in all the day-to-day activities.


There are 5 Modules that focus on these critical areas:

  • Business Plan: Power Audit #1
    —> The #1 Reason For Your Business To Exist
  • Hidden Profits: Power Audit #2
    —> The #1 Source Of Alternative Bottom-Line Earnings
  • Marketing Critique: Power Audit #3
    —> The #1 Driver Of Your Business Growth
  • Lead-To-Sales: Power Audit #4
    —> The #1 Way To Increase Your Top-Line Revenue & Results
  • Branding & Positioning: Power Audit #5
    —> The #1 Influence On Why People Buy From You


They are highly cost-effective and help make it easy for you to carve out enough time to focus on your strategy and to look at things differently. Very specific steps are designed to give you maximum results quickly.

Have a look at the 5 Modules descriptions below, and choose the ones that are most desirable for you and your current business objectives. The modules can be done separately, or in any combination (discounts available for multiple Power Audits, details below).

Let’s accelerate your results!

To your success,

Stuart Burkow
Founder, Venture Rocket

Author, upcoming new book: Hidden Profits
A Guerrilla Marketing Series Co-Author


Accelerator Program Details:


Business Plan:

Power Audit #1

The #1 Reason For Your Business To Exist

This is the foundation piece for any entrepreneur who intends to grow their business – and especially, intends to grow fast. Having the right focus… based on the actual, true facts… and clear, reality-based thinking is the starting point for an achievable plan. And that’s where a Business Plan Power Audit can help you the most.

If your business is already on a growth path, with a current business plan in place – you are already way ahead of the crowd. The next step is to take this opportunity to get an additional, valuable second opinion and some serious outside perspective that allows you to fine-tune your business plan thinking, to make it that much more solid and achievable.

Let’s take Gold Mining as an analogy. You can have drill tests that show you where the gold is… and equipment to move it. But if you don’t have the right plan in place to get to the pay streak (the gold deposit) and to process the gold-rich pay dirt – you’ll never get the gold. The same holds true for your business plan.

Following that analogy: In this Power Audit, we’ll examine your “drill tests”… check out your “mining equipment”… and make sure that your “processing plan” to get that gold all makes sense. But in addition to checking your assumptions and projections against your true capacity to get the job done… we’ll also look into your potential to ultimately find a richer streak of gold.


A Business Plan Power Audit Will Help You:

  • Do A Reality Check On Your Assumptions & Projections
  • Double Check Your Capacity To Implement Your Plan
  • Look Into Your Ability To Grow A Sustainable Business
  • Enhance Your Business Plan’s Presentation & Credibility
  • Discover Alternative Potentially Lucrative Areas Of Growth


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Hidden Profits:

Power Audit #2

The #1 Source Of Alternative Bottom-Line Earnings

When you want to dramatically increase your profits and discover alternative ways to get more business… the Hidden Profits Power Audit is the right choice.

As good as your company may be at capturing every opportunity… there are always hidden profit opportunities that most businesses miss. These are additional earnings you could have that you’re not getting now. Most businesses are woefully neglect in this area and are underutilizing their assets and opportunities, letting profits go unrealized or “drip through holes in the bucket.”

This Power Audit directs your attention and focus to where it needs to be: On Maximum Profitability. Not by pinching pennies, though – truth is, you can’t save or economize your way to maximum profits. Rather, we’ll correctly focus on maximizing your profits by leveraging your most lucrative opportunities.

If you’ve had the sneaking suspicion that profits have been slipping through your fingers and that you should have more net income left on the bottom line after all is said and done, you’re almost certainly correct. And this Hidden Profits Power Audit can help you find that elusive extra profit.

This proprietary, systematic discovery process is based on the upcoming new book, Hidden Profits, by Stuart Burkow – and is specifically designed to help you discover your most lucrative, overlooked and underutilized business opportunities that you’re currently missing.


With The Hidden Profits Power Audit You’ll discover:

  • Your Top Hidden Ways To Boost Profits
  • The Most Lucrative Underutilized Business Activities
  • Strategic Opportunities That Are Overlooked
  • Your Hidden Business Assets & Resources
  • The Best Alternative Ways To Get More Business


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Marketing Critique:

Power Audit #3

The #1 Driver Of Your Business Growth

This Power Audit is designed to find your maximum leverage points to get More Response… and More Business… from your marketing efforts. If you want to find ways to take your current marketing program and make it way more effective and profitable – then this session is for you.

It is not designed for creating new marketing materials or programs. If you are in need of that service, have a look at the Additional Service Options Section. We’ll focus exclusively on your existing marketing materials for a particular product, service, or multi-step campaign. If you’re doing a significant portion of your business using a specific marketing process and approach – then enhancing that process could be one of the best investments you could ever make in your business.

We’ll get into the power details about your approach and offer(s)… your marketing messages… your targeting… the series and sequences you use… your “look & feel” / presentation… your “calls to action”… your buying/ordering process… and will help you discover any related or missed profit opportunities in your marketing. Basically, that means we’ll cover everything that’s essential for you to maximize the results you get from your marketing campaign.


Your Marketing Critique Power Audit Will Reveal:

  • Your Strongest Marketing Message & Offer
  • Alternative Prospecting & Response Methods
  • Your Key Ingredients To Convert More Business
  • The Missing Steps In Your Marketing Process
  • Your Most Competitive Marketplace Advantages


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Power Audit #4

The #1 Way To Increase Your Top-Line Revenue & Results

If your business is burning cash on marketing and sales… and especially if you need to rely on a sales team to convert leads into business… a Lead-To-Sales Power Audit could be your ticket to dramatically better business results. In fact, enhancing your sales conversion process could dramatically transform your business’s marketing and sales potential forever.

Marketing and Sales are the lifeblood of your business – the key to your cashflow and your ability to grow your company. They are what drive everything else. Unless you have very deep pockets… you can have the best operations in the world… the best products or services – and your business will go nowhere (or even fail) – without these two essential drivers leading the way.

That’s where your Lead-To-Sales Power Audit will prove invaluable. This outside perspective, focusing specifically on the key, essential details about your marketing and sales conversion process – have the ability to bring you faster, more immediate top-line revenue results than almost anything else.


The Objectives Of Your Lead-To-Sales Power Audit Are:

  • Increase Your Lead Quality
  • Lower Your Lead Costs
  • Increase Your Leadflow
  • Boost Your Response Rates
  • Generate Higher Sales Conversions


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Branding & Positioning:

Power Audit #5

The #1 Influence On Why People Buy From You

The type of branding and positioning we’ll cover in the Branding & Positioning Power Audit applies to your entire company… or to a division within your company… or to a particular product / service line. This is distinct from the branding and positioning you might apply to a marketing offer, approach, or campaign – such as we would cover in the Marketing Critique Power Audit.

Specifically, this type of branding and positioning is meant to build your credibility and appeal with your ideal target prospects – and strategically attract the buyers you want. It underlies all your other efforts by giving you the foundation for your business presence in the marketplace – allowing you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Many businesses approach their company branding and positioning as an extension of a “mission statement”… or a “vision statement”… rather than as a way to powerfully reach their target audience. When done right, you are able to easily, quickly, and clearly convey to your prospects and clientele exactly what you are about….exactly who it is for….and exactly why they should choose you over all others. This type of branding and positioning is meant to compel people to do business with your company over all other potential options.


The Branding & Positioning Power Audit Is Intended To:

  • Deeply Examine Your Current Branding & Positioning
  • Identify The Primary Reasons Why People Buy From You Now
  • Capture & Refine Your Strategic Core Business Message
  • Strategically Define Your Ideal Target Prospects & Buyers
  • Discover A Potentially More Powerful & Attractive Approach


Accelerator Program Sign-Up Details:

The Power Audit process consists of a series of very specific steps designed to quickly give you powerful insights and actionable guidance. After sign-up, you will be contacted via email to gather your needed business information and initial details to perform your Power Audit(s).

Time will be spent by the Venture Rocket Team and Stuart Burkow, to review and organize your business details ahead of formal Private Phone Session(s) that will be conducted personally by Stuart – who will guide the conversation to dig deeper into the key areas of focus best suited for your business. There may also be email and/or phone follow-up if needed, after the formal phone session(s), for clarification or to complete the Audit process.

The phone session(s) range from 60 to 90 minutes, and depending on the number of Power Audits you’ve signed up for, there may be multiple sessions. You may have additional people from your team on our call(s) if desired – and depending on your requirements, we will provide the teleconference bridge for you to conduct our session(s) for maximum effectiveness.

Important Notes:

—> We’ll be moving fast in our teleconference session(s) – but be prepared to capture all of your own great ideas that come to mind as a result – that are separate from the ideas that will be shared with you.

—> After completion of the Power Audit process, you will be emailed a PDF Report Of Findings document with your specific suggestions, guidance, strategies, tactics to implement, and action steps to take.

—> EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Stuart will also grant you direct, client-only email access to him after your Power Audit(s) are completed so you can ask any follow-up questions you may have as a result of your Report Of Findings.

Venture Rocket “HALF OFF+” / Site Launch Special Pricing:

Right now, during the Venture Rocket Website Launch Phase – you can get the single Power Audit pricing at HALF OFF the expected pricing, once the formal Venture Rocket Power Audits promotion has begun and awareness has been established.

PLUS… you’ll get additional discounts based on the quantity of Power Audits you sign up for now – making your Launch Special discounts per Power Audit even greater (almost 70% off the expected future pricing when you sign up for all five now). That’s why we’re calling this Launch Special, “HALF OFF+”…

These are compelling discounted prices that would allow any entrepreneur coming to Venture Rocket during this launch phase in need of these entrepreneur services to afford participation in at least one Power Audit. As Venture Rocket grows, these audits will be re-priced based on the significant and actual amount of time that’s required to complete them (versus the introductory, discounted rates being applied here).

HALF OFF+ Launch Special Pricing As Follows:

  • 1 Power Audit – @ $1,297
  • 2 Power Audits (SAVE $400) – @ $1,097 each
  • 3 Power Audits (SAVE $900) – @ $997 each
  • LAUNCH POWER PAK: ALL 5 For The Price Of 4 = Just $797.60 each


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Stuart Burkow
Venture Rocket

A lifelong entrepreneur, marketing rainmaker, and high-caliber business profits expert, Stuart has over 40 years of direct, hands-on, “in-the-trenches” experience, starting his first business at just 14 years old. He is a Guerrilla Marketing series co-author (Guerrilla Profits and The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing), and author of the upcoming new book: Hidden Profits.

Stuart has been a key advisor on making money in business - consulting with and advising thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. He has owned, built and operated successful businesses in manufacturing, wholesale distributing, retail, publishing, marketing services, direct sales, mail order, and Internet marketing. His hardcore entrepreneur and direct marketing background puts him in a unique position to help entrepreneurs launch and grow companies.

As a promoter for #1 best-selling authors for over a decade, Stuart has worked directly with legends in business training, growth, motivation, and marketing such as Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Jack Linkletter, and was Director of Special Projects working with Jay L. Abraham for 7 years (world’s highest-paid marketing consultant and legendary business growth strategist).