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Dear business and marketing colleague,

I can tell you for a fact that launching a growing business is still the most exhilarating – and the most exhausting – thing I’ve ever done. After 4 decades, that has not changed.

What has changed for me now is that, with the launch of Venture Rocket, my focus has shifted towards leveraging some new business and startup opportunities – much differently than had ever before been possible.

There will be less time for me to do direct project and consulting work with clients like I’ve done over the past 10 years. But I still love it and derive great satisfaction from this type of work (especially from interesting or challenging projects). So, I have decided to keep a few options open on a highly selective basis, especially in the following categories:

  • Marketing & Copywriting
    —> Specific, short-term Direct Response Projects
  • Business Development
    —> Especially for Startups and Marketing Programs
  • Turnarounds
    —> Helping Companies and Projects that are in distress
  • User Experience (UX)
    —> Design and Creation of effective Customer Interaction
  • Profit Enhancement
    —> Leveraging existing business for Greater Returns


One-time consultations are possible to tackle specific issues… and limited-scope, short-term direct response projects are welcome (it is not necessary to engage in a long-term or contract relationship to take advantage of these services).

This allows for easy engagement and reasonable pricing on highly-skilled, quality marketing services – with small business, entrepreneurs and startups in mind.

But it is also a way for larger companies and organizations to engage in a specific project – to quickly get something done. And this is ideally suited for situations where the current team may be stretched thin, and in need of on-demand, affordable, expert outside assistance.

—> SIDE NOTE: I truly have only a limited amount of personal time available to focus on these types of projects. Please be sure to give appropriate details in the “Details” section of the Inquiry / Request Form section (below) – to be sure that your inquiry will receive my attention.


“Freestyle” Phone Consulting

The Easiest Way To Get Some Serious Work Done
On Your Most Critical Business Issues…

(my schedule permitting, available worldwide)

This is most appropriate for those with a particularly critical marketing or business issue, a special project – or those who want to receive more concentrated (or more frequent) attention directly from me for their business.

You call the shots with this “freestyle” format – to have me answer your very specific, toughest business questions – and help you with your greatest business challenges. All done via live, one-on-one, teleconference session(s) with me, personally. You may have additional people from your team on our call if desired, and depending on your requirements, I will provide the teleconference bridge for us to conduct our session(s) for maximum effectiveness.

You’ll have a chance to submit supporting materials and business details for my prior review, via email – so that we can get right into your questions and issues during your session(s). That way, everyone can make the best and most productive use of this consultative time together.

These types of sessions have run the gamut from initial Startup Development consulting… to Turnarounds of distressed companies or projects… to complete Marketing Program overhauls… to alternative ways of Getting More Business… to solving complex Sales Force Issues… to Increasing Lead-flow or Transaction Sizes… to Strategic Development of core business goals, positioning, or business processes.

I will strive to give you my best-reasoned business, profits, and marketing advice… with nothing held back. No problem is too big… or too small. BUT A WARNING: Be prepared for a no-holds-barred type of session, where I will truly “tell it like it is” from my own outside perspective – and give you my best, un-hedged thinking.

Sessions are a minimum of 1-hour (the usual booking) – but can go longer, if pre-booked. And there is a discount for booking multiple sessions in advance… or setting up recurring sessions (such as a regular, monthly call). If you are interested in getting more details and the discount pricing options, simply tap the following expand section and submit an inquiry:


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Freelance Direct Response
Marketing & Copywriting Projects

Create A New Powerhouse Offer, Multi-Step Campaign,
Or Revamp Your Entire Marketing Program…

(unleash the power of your marketing, branding, and positioning)

There is nothing that will drive a greater positive impact on your business growth than to have powerful direct response sales copy that hits the right targets… and attracts the buyers you want. That, along with the foundation in place to support those marketing efforts, is a winning formula.

I’ve cut my teeth on having to get this right in all my businesses over the past four decades… and was brought up on direct sales, direct response, and bottom-line results. And for almost two decades now, direct response on the Internet has been a primary component in the mix.

Through it all… the #1 skill I’ve developed is the ability to write powerful Sales Copy – having the good fortune to work directly with and learn directly from some of the best copywriters and marketers of the past 30 years, such as: Jay L. Abraham, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson, Ted Nicholas, and Joe Sugarman.

My own online and direct mail promotions have produced millions of dollars in sales… and client projects have produced many multiples of that number. I’ve successfully promoted products and services that ranged in price from under $100… to as much as $25,000 per sale, using direct response.

Your business must live or die based on getting your direct response marketing right… so you owe it to yourself to invest in your marketing. Most businesses don’t have true direct response experts on-staff, and finding the right freelance talent with this type of significant experience can sometimes be a challenge.

So, depending on my schedule and time-availability, I’m willing to consider Direct Response Marketing and/or Copywriting Projects on a flat-fee, or per-project basis. Each one being unique, we will need to discuss the details and scope of your proposal first – and IF we are a good match, I will then give you a firm bid on your proposal. My services are affordable and priced reasonably – with small business, entrepreneurs and startups in mind.

If you are interested in exploring this option further with me, tap the following expand section and submit an inquiry:


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On-Location Consulting Projects:

On-Location Can Provide More Actionable Strategy
& Tactics Than Almost Any Other Method…

(ultra limited availability)

There are times when it makes the most sense to accelerate the process… and achieve results in a multi-faceted way. On-location consulting can help us engage multiple players within your business and address multiple issues simultaneously, if done at your physical business location… since it allows me to view issues and challenges first-hand.

On-location sessions can also be conducted as an interactive meeting – where we can exchange items and ideas in real-time: Look at marketing materials… business plans and analysis… positioning and strategic planning – with maximum impact.

And if your business happens to be located in my local Southern California area… or if you choose to conduct your in-person session local to me… then that would be the most cost-effective option for you. Either way, at your location – or at an alternative meeting place, we can get some real work done in real-time.

Be aware that all on-location options require more prep time for me than phone conference sessions – and therefore, they carry a higher price than my phone consulting. Travel also requires a premium… since the additional travel takes me away from my other business focus and opportunities, while I’m solely engaged on your project. If you can, I’d suggest using the phone option listed above first – but, if needed (and for the right projects)… and my schedule permitting, I am willing to occasionally consider on-location consulting.

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Enjoy all the resources, tools, and information at Venture Rocket!

To your success,

Stuart Burkow
Founder, Venture Rocket

Author, upcoming new book: Hidden Profits
A Guerrilla Marketing Series Co-Author




Venture Rocket



Stuart Burkow
Venture Rocket

A lifelong entrepreneur, marketing rainmaker, and high-caliber business profits expert, Stuart has over 40 years of direct, hands-on, “in-the-trenches” experience, starting his first business at just 14 years old. He is a Guerrilla Marketing series co-author (Guerrilla Profits and The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing), and author of the upcoming new book: Hidden Profits.

Stuart has been a key advisor on making money in business - consulting with and advising thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. He has owned, built and operated successful businesses in manufacturing, wholesale distributing, retail, publishing, marketing services, direct sales, mail order, and Internet marketing. His hardcore entrepreneur and direct marketing background puts him in a unique position to help entrepreneurs launch and grow companies.

As a promoter for #1 best-selling authors for over a decade, Stuart has worked directly with legends in business training, growth, motivation, and marketing such as Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Jack Linkletter, and was Director of Special Projects working with Jay L. Abraham for 7 years (world’s highest-paid marketing consultant and legendary business growth strategist).