Help Your Portfolio Of Business
Investments Give You Greater Returns

(Explore a way you can help your Founders, Presidents & CEOs)


Dear Business Investor,

The name of the game is Profits

You invested in particular businesses and entrepreneurs precisely because they stood the greatest chance of achieving profitable growth, and as a result, providing you with the greatest potential return on your capital.

As a Venture Capital or Private Equity Business Investor, you understand the value these entrepreneurs bring to the table. You also most likely know how difficult it can be for these Founders, Presidents & CEOs to carve out time to focus on strategy or to look at things from an alternative or outside perspective.

Venture Rocket Portfolio Services can give your management teams an additional edge… extra insight… and alternative methods to increase revenue and boost profits they may not already be using. And specifically, they can do this by utilizing the Venture Rocket Power Audits Program that was designed with busy entrepreneurs in mind. They are a very fast, but systematic, 2-3 week review, diagnostic, and reporting process designed to deliver that valuable, alternative outside perspective.


Leveraging Your Leverage…

You are in a unique position of influence as a Business Investor to help the entrepreneurs who run the companies in your portfolio by suggesting valuable resources to them. You may also be an integral part of that decision-making process for these companies. Either way, Venture Rocket is in a unique position to help you use your influence to help them gain a valuable, additional outside perspective.

Through the ultra cost-effective Venture Rocket Power Audits Program, you can get discounted participation for your portfolio based on the number of companies to receive services, as follows:

• 3-5 Companies = 15% Discount
• 6-10 Companies = 25% Discount
• More Than 10 Companies = Negotiated Discount

And, to make it even easier to give us a try… I’m willing to offer you retroactive discounts. What this means is: If you’d like, you can try us out with one company first, then the discounts will be applied retroactively to ALL services in aggregate – when we add your additional companies to participate in the Venture Rocket Power Audits Program.


A Complimentary 20-30 Minute Phone Strategy Session
conducted by me, personally…

If you are in a position of influence with your Founders, Presidents, or CEOs to consider the Venture Rocket Power Audits Program, then let me strongly urge you to take advantage of my offer for us to conduct a no-obligation, 20-30 minute Complimentary Phone Strategy Session, to find out if Venture Rocket Power Audits are right for you and your portfolio of business investments.

Simply tap the following expand section to reveal the Phone Strategy Session Inquiry Form… send me your details… and I will follow-up with you personally:


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Take advantage of my offer to find out more. You have nothing to loose and potentially much to gain simply from us having this informative conversation. Again, if you still need to view program details, go to: Venture Rocket Power Audits Program – for complete info on the program.

To your success,

Stuart Burkow
Founder, Venture Rocket

Author, upcoming new book: Hidden Profits
A Guerrilla Marketing Series Co-Author


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Stuart Burkow
Venture Rocket

A lifelong entrepreneur, marketing rainmaker, and high-caliber business profits expert, Stuart has over 40 years of direct, hands-on, “in-the-trenches” experience, starting his first business at just 14 years old. He is a Guerrilla Marketing series co-author (Guerrilla Profits and The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing), and author of the upcoming new book: Hidden Profits.

Stuart has been a key advisor on making money in business - consulting with and advising thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. He has owned, built and operated successful businesses in manufacturing, wholesale distributing, retail, publishing, marketing services, direct sales, mail order, and Internet marketing. His hardcore entrepreneur and direct marketing background puts him in a unique position to help entrepreneurs launch and grow companies.

As a promoter for #1 best-selling authors for over a decade, Stuart has worked directly with legends in business training, growth, motivation, and marketing such as Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Jack Linkletter, and was Director of Special Projects working with Jay L. Abraham for 7 years (world’s highest-paid marketing consultant and legendary business growth strategist).