Affiliate Relations, Event Participation,
JV Marketing & Other Opportunities…

Venture Rocket is actively seeking mutually beneficial relations with other organizations, groups, businesses, and individuals – who are a good match and synergy in the business development, marketing and entrepreneur space.

That might include an Affiliate Relationship (for offers of your products / services to our audience -or- Venture Rocket Services and program offers to your group or audience)… a business Event Participation by Venture Rocket -or- a Venture Rocket sponsored event with your group… or a dedicated, active Joint-Venture Marketing Promotion -or- ongoing active joint-venture marketing campaign.

You may submit any requests, proposals, or inquiries you feel would make sense via the contact form below (please submit specific details).


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For The Media And Press…
Expert Opinion & Commentary

Stuart Burkow, Founder Venture Rocket (Bio)
Possible Media & Press Availability:

In his role as an key Advisor On Making Money In Business and Advocate For Entrepreneurs and Small Business – Stuart may be available for expert opinion and commentary for the News Media, Publications, or other Broadcast & Program purposes (such as TV, radio, and Internet channels).


Possible Topics / Story Angles include:

  • The Best Internet Resources For Entrepreneurs
  • Hidden Profits: How To Earn More From Your Business
  • Business Startup Tips & Shortcuts To Help Assure Success
  • Small Business: The Driving Force Of The Economy
  • How To Get New Customers/Clients In Alternative Ways


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Content Distribution For Publications,
Broadcast Media & Other Audiences…

Regular or one-time content production (Articles / Editorials / Electronic Media / Training Materials / etc.) – may be an option to appropriate business and entrepreneur audiences. Possibilities include Syndicated Columns, Broadcast Shows (TV and radio), Internet Content Distribution, for Training Purposes, for Business Organizations, Trade Associations, or for CEO’s / President’s Business Groups.

This is an opportunity to receive high-value, rich and timely content with great benefit for your readers, listeners, viewers, or audience – on a specific, agreed production schedule. Depending on the scope of your distribution, Venture Rocket content and other content provided by Stuart Burkow can also be custom tailored to your specific industry or audience.

Please include specific details about your requirements and proposal using the contact form below.


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Opportunities For:



Stuart Burkow
Venture Rocket

A lifelong entrepreneur, marketing rainmaker, and high-caliber business profits expert, Stuart has over 40 years of direct, hands-on, “in-the-trenches” experience, starting his first business at just 14 years old. He is a Guerrilla Marketing series co-author (Guerrilla Profits and The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing), and author of the upcoming new book: Hidden Profits.

Stuart has been a key advisor on making money in business - consulting with and advising thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. He has owned, built and operated successful businesses in manufacturing, wholesale distributing, retail, publishing, marketing services, direct sales, mail order, and Internet marketing. His hardcore entrepreneur and direct marketing background puts him in a unique position to help entrepreneurs launch and grow companies.

As a promoter for #1 best-selling authors for over a decade, Stuart has worked directly with legends in business training, growth, motivation, and marketing such as Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Jack Linkletter, and was Director of Special Projects working with Jay L. Abraham for 7 years (world’s highest-paid marketing consultant and legendary business growth strategist).