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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Venture Rocket is the resource website for entrepreneurs who are launching, or plan to launch, growing companies.

The Venture Rocket Launch Buttons are a Curated Web Platform – designed to make it easier for you to find the most useful entrepreneur resources (simply follow the Launch Bars and tap the Launch Buttons located site-wide). No filler… no trash… no hype – just exactly what’s needed to help you Launch A Startup, Get Funded, or Grow A Business – Venture Rocket can be a primary resource to help you get things done.

There are all kinds of business resources out there… but precious few that are dedicated to growing companies – and the entrepreneurs who run them. Venture Rocket is that essential central hub and Internet portal for entrepreneurs.


Why Venture Rocket?

In my own quests to search for and decide on a variety of tools and providers for my business and for client projects… I was often frustrated with having to spend hours wading through endless, often overwhelming search results and conflicting information.

Then, when trying to keep up with the latest news and information that was actually relevant to me as an growth-oriented entrepreneur… there was no easy way to do it. It was also a time-consuming process and frankly, it’s tough to carve out that kind of time from a too busy and, and often, too hectic schedule.

Venture Rocket helps solve these problems – by doing much of the heavy lifting for you – designed to cut through the crap and clutter, giving you only the top entrepreneur picks, reviews, ratings, and results immediately available. Venture Rocket saves you precious time by helping you find exactly what you need for a growing company, when you really need it.

Your venture may be self-funded or you may already be sourcing outside funds… and either way, Venture Rocket Services can help make your capital work harder. And if you are in a Venture Capital Firm or are a Private Equity Investor – with a portfolio of entrepreneurial businesses to support – Venture Rocket Portfolio Services can help your entire portfolio of companies boost their profits… and increase your return on capital.


Dedicated To Growth

Vibrant economies and sustained prosperity are only possible by unleashing the Power of Entrepreneurs. Based in the USA, Venture Rocket is necessarily focused on USA entrepreneurs to start. As time allows, and demand dictates, we’ll add more international resources and opportunities. But the fundamental principles that apply to entrepreneurs and business are global – and entrepreneurs from around the globe will also find value at Venture Rocket.

Through extensive, ongoing research and development, Venture Rocket’s mission is to provide all entrepreneurs with access to – and wherever possible, advantages and exclusive access to – the best entrepreneur tools and resources available anywhere.


Laser-Focus On Only The Most Essential

To succeed in business, you must narrow your focus and concentrate your efforts on the most essential, key areas. And that’s exactly what Venture Rocket helps you do. The focus at Venture Rocket is exclusively on the 3 Primary Drivers of Business Growth:

• Business Development
—> Everything A Business Creates, Builds & Does To Make Money.

• Venture Funding
—> The Convergence of Business Funding & Venture Capital.

• Marketing & Sales
—> Driving Traffic, Converting Prospects & Growing Revenue.


Everything at Venture Rocket comes from the perspective of true, hardcore entrepreneurs who are launching growing companies. So, for example, the term “Business Development” covers everything that the business creates, builds, and does to make money… not just the more limited definition of “managing strategic relationships” – that might be found in the corporate world.

It’s worth noting that major disruptions are coming to the Business Funding and Venture Capital industries (referred to here collectively as, “Venture Funding”) – such as legislation about Crowdfunding. Venture Rocket seeks to stay on top of these innovations, changes, and disruptions for you – so you’ll be able to more quickly take advantage of the new opportunities they’ll provide for entrepreneurs and business owners.


True Entrepreneurs: Building The Dream

A lot of business owners are passed off as being entrepreneurs when, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. True entrepreneurs are visionaries who want to build a dream in the form of a business – they don’t just want to start a business (as in, “owning your job”). True entrepreneurs want to build something big… and are willing to do what it takes to grow fast.

Venture Rocket is ALL about helping you launch and build a growing company. It is for those who want to grow beyond their wildest dreams… to create something from nothing that exceeds your expectations – and, when done right, even surprises the marketplace. So… if you are a TRUE entrepreneur who identifies with what I’m saying – let Venture Rocket help you build your dream – and help make your dreams come true.

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It’s time… let’s get it done!

To your success,

Stuart Burkow
Founder, Venture Rocket

Author, upcoming new book: Hidden Profits
A Guerrilla Marketing Series Co-Author




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Stuart Burkow
Venture Rocket

A lifelong entrepreneur, marketing rainmaker, and high-caliber business profits expert, Stuart has over 40 years of direct, hands-on, “in-the-trenches” experience, starting his first business at just 14 years old. He is a Guerrilla Marketing series co-author (Guerrilla Profits and The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing), and author of the upcoming new book: Hidden Profits.

Stuart has been a key advisor on making money in business - consulting with and advising thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. He has owned, built and operated successful businesses in manufacturing, wholesale distributing, retail, publishing, marketing services, direct sales, mail order, and Internet marketing. His hardcore entrepreneur and direct marketing background puts him in a unique position to help entrepreneurs launch and grow companies.

As a promoter for #1 best-selling authors for over a decade, Stuart has worked directly with legends in business training, growth, motivation, and marketing such as Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Jack Linkletter, and was Director of Special Projects working with Jay L. Abraham for 7 years (world’s highest-paid marketing consultant and legendary business growth strategist).